After the project proposal has been approved, all custom website development and design services require a minimum of a 60% down payment.

The final payment is required within 7 days from completion of website development project.

From the overdue date of the final payment deposit, a late payment fee of LKR 2500.00 per week will be added to the balance.

All prices are quoted in United State Dollars (USD).

After the project proposal has been approved, the customer will be allowed to add new features and incur additional payment.

A single payment is required for projects with a total value of less than LKR 20,000. Installments are not included.

To ensure prompt payment, please send payment details to [email protected] . After the payment details is received, payment will be approved.

Even if you’re an intermediate customer with a suborder, you should be able to pay on due date and without giving any clarifications.

Any deposits paid on a project is non-refundable if the customer cancels the project for any reason.

For personal or natural or any other reason, the payment processing date will not be adjusted. Payments must be made on the due date without excuses.

Updated 2021-Jan-10